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It was with regret that members of St. Giles Scottish Country Dancing Club learned of the death of their founder, Una Lennam.  Una died in Victoria, BC, surrounded by family, friends and the music of a favourite song.

During World War II, Una was in London where she experienced the dangers of bombing and its aftermath.   After the war, she became a social worker.

As a young woman with a sense of adventure, in the 1950s Una emigrated from England to Ontario.  Always hard working and ambitious, before long, she enrolled in Wayne State University to complete her Master of Social Work degree She also married Trevor Lennam, a young univesity professor.

They moved to Frederickton, New Brunswick where Trevor was qppointed to the faculty of the University of New Brunswick and Una obtained a position with the provincial Department of Youth and Welfare.  A few years later, she had her first experience of Scottish Country Dancing.  She was immediately delighted and her life changed.

Before long, she decided to be come a teacher of Scottish Country Dancing and travelled to Scotland to obtain her formal credentials.  However, there she met the renowned Miss Milligan.  Una was encouraged to postpone her tests as Miss Milligan herself was shortly to visit Canada. 

By 1966, the Lennams had moved to Calgary and that is where Miss Milligan provided teaching certificates to Una and five other local dancers.

Una worked at Mount Royal College, where her work included providing courses for the Calgary Police Service.  She continued to pursue her interest in dancing and became a highly regarded teacher.  Finally, Una founded her own group, according to the St. Giles Church records, since January 1st, 1974, the St. Giles Scottish Country Dance Club, a group which still exists to enjoy the fruit of her labour.

In 1999, Una and Trevor moved to Victoria, where she continued to enjoy her life and her  dancing in the company of new and old friends.  The impact that Una made in both Victoria and Calgary is widely acknowledged, especially by the past and present members of St. Giles Scottish Country Dancing Club, her very own foundation.

Una died on 25 August 2019, having been predeceased by her husband Trevor and her three sisters.  She is survived by her son David, his wife Nicola and daughter Natasha.  The members of St. Giles, and Scottish Country dancers across Calgary and beyond, regret her passing. �